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Welcome to our ranking of the best movie streaming sites like 123movies. There is no doubt that films attract crowds who prefer to spend their free time watching their latest releases. There are those who love action and science fiction films, there are those who are sometimes sensitive to romance and comedies, and in contrast, there are those who love to see documentaries with valuable information and interesting facts, and there are many of them. a film work that really has its own audience.

Internet users are currently becoming more and more dependent on streaming. There are many advantages to this revolutionary new practice, and I mention that it goes a long way towards saving space when reading media such as computers or smartphones. In order to enjoy streaming movies, series, and manga, you need to know the best websites that offer them for free with no restrictions. We bring you a list of the most popular websites for watching movies and TV shows on computers or mobile devices.

But it is no different, watching these films on the Internet is a special taste and a special pleasure. In this post, I am going to introduce you the best movie streaming services like 123movies to watch the latest high quality movies and translate them to almost all languages.

1. VexMovies

International website that is more than great, with a variety of the latest movies and series on different servers and in high quality. Whether it's foreign, Spanish, Indian or even Turkish TV shows, as well as the latest international TV shows and other artifacts everyone is looking for. Members' opinions. To watch a movie, first select a rating and then take it to another site or server to watch the selected movie in the quality of your choice with easy download. This page guarantees content that is always up to date (no download required). You can watch your favorite films, anime and TV series directly in Full HD quality without registration. In addition, they can be viewed in HD, Blu-Ray, or other resolutions.

2. Movie4k

Another great site on our ranking of the best movie streaming sites like 123movies. Again, this is a privileged website with a large number of films and series that can cater to different tastes. Whether it is TV series or films in different servers and languages. The videos are of course available in different quality. When you choose the category you want to watch videos in on the site, you can choose from multiple servers. Movie4k also has a long list of movies and series, including classics and news. If you feel like it, remember that you can also subscribe to the website for all the news from the world of cinema, music and television. But that remains purely optional.

3. CMoviesHD

This site is one of the best streaming sites that I personally rely on for the latest movies and exclusive film productions. After the film was released in theaters, it was also released on this website. No matter what the quality of the film, its language or not. What really surprised me about this site is the template that is shared to see the article submitted about it and that you are sure to like and admire. This site contains almost all categories of films and series in all languages ​​and in high quality

4. Stremio

One of the standout international websites that showcases many popular movies, series and TV shows. Certainly one of the indispensable elements in the ranking of the most popular streaming sites like 123movies. With the quality you expect and the availability of translations for foreign programs. Otherwise, you can just download any video in HD quality and easily download the translation. There is no time limit. Watch your favorite films and series freely with no time limit.

5. 123Movies

123movies is one of the top sites on our list of the best movie streaming sites. It offers manga series and films in HD and 4K quality that are available for free with no registration or time limit. The website also focuses on the quality of the links it makes available to users: the content suggested is in HD or 720p quality. Navigating the site is also very easy thanks to the expanded site interface.

6. YesMovies

At YesMovies you can find a range of 720p and 1080p streaming series, no restrictions, no registration and no obligations, 100% free. GOMOVIESHUB also has a list of its own complete series, as well as the latest episodes and seasons. This site is probably the best site for streaming TV series.

7. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a streaming service that has a collection of exclusive movies and series, but it doesn't stop there. PrimeWire shows films that are still in the cinema. It is the best website to stream HD movies and series for free with no fees and no restrictions. This is by far one of the most popular video streaming sites like 123movies

Otherwise nothing to comment. Watch all your favorite movies and series in full streaming and high quality for free and unlimited. PrimeWire, a very good streaming site in 2019.

8. LosMovies

On LosMovies you can find free movies, series and anime series. The content is grouped by genre and year so you can quickly find your favorite movies and series.

No registration is required to watch your favorite films and series in Losmovies. The website offers the complete films and series for 2019 in HD quality without advertising.


Here is a free streaming site I recently discovered. On this sober and sophisticated design page, find your fortune in the huge list of films and series. I still like the Old Movies section which is where you can discover or rediscover older childhood films. Finally, there is also a link to the films of the year. I've watched some films with confidence, sometimes it takes a little patience before starting a film, but overall the service is pretty good.

10. RainierLand

This site is more specialized in series. However, you will find a small section TOP 2019 where you can find some interesting videos. The series are classified by category or year. The site also offers a ranking of the current top 10 series. Of course, Game of Thrones is in a good position. If you are a fan of TV series this site is for you.

On this page you will find free HD streaming of all current series. Thanks to the clear and intuitive design, you can search for series by genre. There is also a search engine to help you find the series quickly. This streaming site specializes in TV series.

RainierLand also features blockbuster movies, website videos, the latest movies and series. If you're bored at night, you even have the right to make suggestions. Perfect for discovering other films.

11. GoStream

Another great site on our list of the best movie streaming sites like 123movies. On this free streaming site that requires registration to watch movies (registration does not require clicking on ads that require credit card). After registration, you can prepare for parties by making a list of your favorite movies or series. Movies and series are divided into categories. An important detail is that every video has its quality. How is more fraud on the goods. There is also a search engine for finding series or films quickly.

12. Putlocker

On this page you will find something that will satisfy your movie and series desire. Everything is presented clearly and accessible. The latest films are shown at the box office. If you are not interested in the number of videos, we recommend checking out the "Most Popular" category on the home page.

But not all, Putlocker also offers the search for lovers of films and series in their original version by year, quality or language.

13. GoMovies

Experienced users must have heard of GoMovies by now. It proved its worth in the streaming world a few years ago. This site is the most famous streaming site to this day and it still shows different movies in unlimited versions.

Lateral resolution, the videos offered by this website are in HD quality. Accessing your impressions is also easy as all you have to do is click on the links shared on the website. Along with this ease of use and willingness to provide a real service to users who love streaming, the site also tries to make all news available. Thanks to this, you can see the entire catalog of films and series, from the most classic to the latest.

14. Movie2k

Great video streaming site similar to 123movies. As one of the best video streaming sites, Movie2k brings the latest high quality HD movies to all viewers. Then you can relax in front of the TV or tablet while you watch the full episodes of your favorite series.

Free streaming from a solid server is also unlimited and does not require site registration. Which is also very practical. However, the main feature of this platform is that the ads do not affect your views. Thanks to this function, you can enjoy your films, series and manga in excellent quality. Original versions with subtitles are also selected for streaming on this website so that followers prefer those versions.


Amazon Prime Video

New to the video streaming market, but a weight competitor. First and foremost, because it benefits from tens of millions of Prime subscribers, some of whom finance exclusive series, but also purchase a very complete catalog of films and series. The platform would contain over 2,000 films. Including many international films and no fewer than 300 series, including 93, which averaged over 8.5 on IMBD. Note that there are many exclusive series to watch. Including the American gods Hanna and Tom Clancy who have received many awards. The films are in full HD quality, with the option of being viewed in 4k.

A big plus is the first free month in which you can already watch some films and series without paying for them. My favorite service.


Netflix is ​​one of the most famous legal solutions. It was basically a DVD rental. That saw a new opportunity and was the first to offer a catalog of films and series as part of a monthly subscription. Mayonnaise quickly took control until Netflix had over 40 million subscribers worldwide. And it appears regularly in new countries.

Its strength is the extensive catalog of films and series, including the very famous "Casa del Papel". Unfortunately, Netflix regularly increases the price of its subscription and does not offer a longer trial period.

So they have been the best movie streaming sites you can count on to see the latest movies and series online, also in high HD quality. What I personally rely on in my spare time when I watch movies that appeal to me, that often fall into the action or comedy category and sometimes romance (but that doesn't mean I'm sensitive). From now on there will be nothing left to pay money to watch movies online like some sites like Netflix and HBO GO require.

As you know, the movie industry is constantly struggling with people watching online broadcasts. However, in recent years, streaming has made the film industry better known. Despite the struggle and repression, it has a rather positive effect on them ... In fact, this business has never done as well as it has with streaming. So do we really have to see evil everywhere? However, for security reasons, I have to say that some of these websites are illegal.

Thank you for accessing these websites and leave your comments and comment on these streaming websites.

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