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Joe Somebody (2001)

Joe Somebody (2001) Plot:

When underappreciated video specialist Joe Scheffer is brutally humiliated by the office bully Mark McKinney in front of his daughter, Joe begins a quest for personal redemption. He proceeds by enduring a personal make-over and takes martial arts lessons from a B-action star. As news spreads of his rematch with Mark, Joe suddenly finds himself the center of attention, ascending the corporate ladder and growing in popularity. He's determined to show everyone in his life that he is not a nobody, but a force to be reckoned with.


Cast: Tim Allen Julie Bowen Kelly Lynch Greg Germann

Director: Michael Haley,John Pasquin,Eric D. Howell,Carline Davis-Dyer,Wendy Bledsoe,Craig Laurence Rice,Daniel Orozco

Country: United States of America

Duration: 99

Quality: HD

Release: 2001