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Puppylove (2013)

Puppylove (2013) Plot:

Diane is a mysterious and lonely teenager. Sharing special bonds with her father Christian, she takes care of the education of her brother Marc. The arrival of Julia in the neighborhood, a charismatic and liberated young British woman, is going to disturb Diane’s daily life. Desperately willing to become an adult, Diane is going to live, for a semester, the most shattering experiences of her life. The more she gets close to Julia, the more she gets irresponsible, ignoring consequences and limits to her desires.


Cast: Solène Rigot Audrey Bastien Vincent Perez Vadim Goldberg

Director: Delphine Lehericey,Delphine Lehericey

Country: Belgium

Duration: 90

Quality: HD

Release: 2013